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Seeeduino Stalker V2
Seeeduino Stalker

Seeeduino Stalker V2

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Part Number:ARD-0078
This is an upgraded Seeeduino Stalker, it's still under beta status, document will come soon.

Seeeduino Stalker is an extensive Wireless Sensor Network node, with native data logging features and considered modular structure. It could be conveniently used as sensor hub or integrated data collector for monitoring, tracking and etc.

  • Arduino compatible, based on Seeeduino
  • design operation temperature -40C to +85C
  • Full on board Real Time Clock (RTC) functionality RX8025 with internal crystal oscillator. No battery needed, this RTC is powered to keep time in its off state by a large super capacitor.
  • Lithium battery Charging circuit CN3083 with a power input for a Solar panel or other DC power. Recommended input voltage range of 4.6V to 6V, as we have a protect diode in series.
  • Micro SD card socket (micro SD card not included)
  • I2C Digital Temperature Sensor: Accuracy: 0.5C (-25C to +85C)
  • Self isolating I2C when powered off. Normally an Arduino slave on an I2C bus when powered off will short the clock and data signals to ground disabling the entire I2C bus. This circuit will self isolate and allow the other devices to continue communicating.
  • user defined LED
  • Bee series socket (2*10 pin 2.0mm pitch, same as Xbee) with an additional break out footprint 0.10 inch pitch.
  • Can be woken up from a low power sleep state by the RTC at a predefined time.
  • ISP socket
  • Power input revers polarity protection diode.
  • cut-able solder jumper
  • Uart

Application Ideas
  • Autonomous vehicle
  • Solar powered weather station
  • Data collecting ocean buoy
4 Stars
chief hobbyist
An RTC, wireless interface and Micro SD interface on an Arduino compatibile board for about the cost of an UNO is a great deal. However it has a non-standard (for Arduino) pinout for the serial host interface. You need to buy an UartSBee ($20+ with cable) or make an adapter to use your FTDI cable. This incompatibility is buried pretty deep in the documentation. It amounts to a substantial hidden cost for choosing the Stalker. This critical information should have been listed up front.
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Reviewed by:  from home. on 8/1/2011

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