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Commodore XA1541 Adapter

Commodore XA1541 Adapter

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Part Number:VIN-0101
PC to 1541 Active Adapter The X Cable constructed with transistors

Use your existing commodore serial cable and save money!!!

The components are soldered to a PCB, creating a High Quality and Super Reliable Adapter.

The XA1541 active cable is a serial cable that connects Commodore machines or drives to the PC parallel port. Once connected, you can start executing disk access operations from your PC, like reading a file from a commodore diskette to your PC, copying a whole commodore diskette image to your PC, copying a D64 image from your PC to a commodore diskette, formating a commodore diskette, etc. You will use your actual 1541/1541-II/1571/1581 disk drive.

It is a substitute for the X1541 cable and it has been designed to work in all modes (SPP, PS/2, EPP/ECP) of all parallel ports on almost all PC and laptop motherboards.

It works with multitasking Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating Systems (and also with DOS).

The XA1541 extended cable is compatible with the following software:

* Star Commander * cbm4linux * opencbm/cbm4win * mnib * mtap/ptap

Each cable is extensively tested in our XCable Laboratory

Buyer needs to provide a standard commodore serial cable. The existing commodore cable can be used.

The CD-R iso image or ZIP file containing cbm4win, gui4cbm4win, cbm4linux, and star commander can be downloaded from The included software are freeware, but some of them requiere a registration on their websites.

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