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RGB LCD 65K color module

RGB LCD 65K color module

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Part Number:LCD-0031
Philips PCF8833 compatible (LDS 183 LCD controller) RGB LCD module with 65K colors and 4-wire serial interface. The module has RAM included, that makes interfacing and programming very easy.

This module has soldering pads with 1.5mm pitch, making it an ideal LCD module for hobbyists.


Module: 35.8mm x 41.65mm x 3.55mm)
Display: 26.87mm x 26.87mm (1" x 1")


Passive Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Panel, transflective, 65536 colours, negative mode
Display Resolution: 128 x 128
Logic Voltage: 2.9V
Backlight: white LED - 15V (Max) - 9V (Nominal) - 19mA
Interface: 4-wire serial


Pin numberPin namePin DescriptionI/O
1LCD_CSChip Select (active low)O
2LCD_RESETModule Reset (active low)O
3LCD_DCData / Control IndicatorO
4LCD_CLKSerial ClockO
5LCD_DATASerial DataO
6VDDPower Supply 2.9V DCO
8LCD_IDLCD ID (usually not used)I
9BL_ABacklight AnodeO
10BL_KBacklight CathodeO

4-bit serial interface

4-bit serial interface is similar to SPI (3-bit serial interface) but the bit to indicate if the information being sent is data or command is communicated to the LCD module using a separate pin D/!C.

You can take the examples of the Nokia knock-off LCD module from Sparkfun and make a small change to the code to make it work with this 4-bit interface.

In the 3-bit serial interface, you send 9 bits per data or command, the additional bit indicating Data or Command. With this LCD module, you send 8 bits per data or Command, and the 4th bit D/!C is used to indicate Data or Command.


LCD Module LPH9135 datasheet

Philips PCF8833 datasheet

Sample Code

Arduino Sample Code using DigitalWrite

Arduino Sample Code using direct AVR I/O code

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