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SD2IEC board
SD2IEC board

SD2IEC board

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Part Number:VIN-0200-NKC
This version of the SD2IEC board might have the Write Protect switch problem. We are offering the boards at half price.

Refund process for previous buyers (After Sep 2011): If you received a board with the Write Protect switch problem, you can return it to:

NKC Electronics
PO BOX 266421
Weston, FL 33326

If you return it, include a brief note with your email. We must contact you to process the refund.

If you decide to keep the board, then send us an email to support at nkcelectronics dot com to receive refund for $22.45. Please include the order number and your contact information in your email. SD2IEC is a hardware mass storage device using an SD/MMC card and interfacing with the IEC bus. It is based on the ATmega644 microcontroller from the Atmel AVR microcontroller family. The most prominent use of SD2IEC is emulation/replacement of a Commodore-1541 disk drive for a C64. Hardware and the microcontroller's firmware is available as open source. (Source: C64 Wiki).

SD2IEC uses firmware also called sd2iec. Firmware version on board: sd2iec-0.9.3-sw2-m644p.


  • Separate SD2IEC main and daughter board
  • Main board has 3 pin headers with power connections, all IEC signals, device selection switches and 2 LEDs
  • Main board measures 64.5mm x 40.8mm x 5.6mm (L x W x H)
  • Firmware can be upgraded placing the new firmware file in the root directory of the SD Card (bootloader). Please select firmware for SW2 and ATmega644P

documentation (Thanks to Zinowicz)

SD2IEC guide written by Zinowics

sd2iec firmware Features

  • D64/M2I support (both reading and writing for D64, even with direct sector access using U1/U2)
  • T64 is not supported
  • PRG/P00 etc. support
  • Subdirectory support (CMD command syntax).
  • Support for Turbo Disk AKA Fast Load AKA Speeddisk fastloader
  • Supports the JiffyDOS fast serial bus protocol
  • Supports the Final Cartridge 3 fastloader/fastsaver
  • Supports an external "disk change" button
  • Supports FAT long file names
  • Supports FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 formatted SD cards
  • Improved IEC compatibility
    • Supports most typical IEC functions (LOAD, SAVE, OPEN, GET, PUT, CLOSE, ...)
    • 1571 ROM has been taken as reference for implementation
    • Many non-fastloader games run (see znarF's M2I list).

  • Changing directories (CMD syntax)
    • OPEN1,8,15,"CD/SOMEDIR/":CLOSE1 - change to SOMEDIR (relative)
    • OPEN1,8,15,"CD//":CLOSE1 - change to root directory
    • OPEN1,8,15,"CD//SOMEDIR/":CLOSE1 - change to SOMEDIR (in root)
    • OPEN1,8,15,"CD:<-":CLOSE1 - go to parent directory (left arrow)
  • Using M2Is or D64s
    • OPEN1,8,15,"CD//SOMEDIR/:SOMEGAME.M2I":CLOSE1 - change to/mount SOMEGAME.M2I
    • OPEN1,8,15,"CD//SOMEDIR/:SOMEGAME.D64":CLOSE1 - change to/mount SOMEGAME.D64
    • OPEN1,8,15,"CD:<-":CLOSE1 - leave M2I (left arrow)
  • Loading files
    • LOAD"//SOMEDIR/:SOMEFILE" - load SOMEFILE in SOMEDIR (filename gets separated from path using colon)
  • mkdir, rmdir see README (online)

    Board is based on original design by Shadowolf. Re-engineered by NKC Electronics with revisions by Shadowolf.

    More information

    SD2IEC hardware reference

    sd2iec firmware reference

    sd2iec firmware download page
4 Stars
Love It!
This is my second SD2IEC board and both have worked great. The only problem was an issue with the SD card and a write protect problem. A quick jumper wire bypassed the write protection of the card and made it fully usable.
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Reviewed by:  from Flint, MI. on 11/8/2016
5 Stars
sd2iec board
I got one of these with the extra daughterboard to use with MSSIAH. It works great! (but make sure you change the device number from the default 8 to 11)
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Portsmouth UK. on 6/6/2011
5 Stars
the sd2iec is cheap and runs all the c64 games i could find love it
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from uk. on 4/3/2011

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